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03-08 Forester SG [GR Lite] - IN STOCK

Flatout Suspension

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Subaru Forester Light Duty Offroad Suspension

TOP 3 OVERALL SELLER FOR 2022 and 2023



  • Designed for light duty offroad
  • Optimized for 2" lift (lifts up to 3")
  • 2 Front Assemblies
  • 2 Rear Assemblies
  • Subframe spacers included
  • Upright shocks
  • OEM Hybrid Tops
  • Radial bearing on Front Assembly
  • Linear Rate comfort Springs 
  • 8” front travel
  • 9” rear travel
  • Highly Polished Electro-Plated Nickel Cartridge
  • Rebuildable Shock
  • Linear rate piston
  • Stainless Steel Shims
  • Light Weight Synthetic Shock Oil
  • Rebound Adjustable : 20 pts
  • Rubber bushing rear upper mounts
  • Brackets for Sensor Lines on shock body
  • Individual Parts Available


Been daily driving my SF Forester on a set of GR Lites for a couple of months now, and stopping by my offroad park quite frequently. Nothing but praise from me.

Out of the box, you can tell that the quality is top-notch. The instructions make it easy to set up even if you don't know much about coilovers.
On-road ride quality is super comfortable even on bumpy roads, but it's stiff enough to keep the handling confidence-inspiring even after I removed my sway bars.
Offroad, it's more than enough to get where you want to go worry-free. After playing with the rebound to fit my car, I feel more comfortable carrying more speed through rough trails vs the stock suspension. It can handle more than you can probably handle.

It might feel like a hard choice to make versus just slapping on some strut spacers, but you won't regret it in the long run. Thanks Flatout for making all these great products.

The build quality of these GR lite coilovers is amazing! They look great aesthetically and they added handling performance to my Subaru Forster XT also.

The ride is comfortable even with the 2 inch lift. I paired mine with the Rallitek subframe spacer kit and the alignment came right into spec without issue.

I spend more time on roads than I do on dirt roads, so this was a great option to lift my forester and increase on road performance at the same time.

Their customer service also is great and I easily was able to contact someone in regards to install questions.

Thanks Flatout. 10/10

They have Been on my 04 forester xt for a week now, and love the way they handle on the road, fairly simple to install, box did have a bit of damage but only cosmetic, no damage or scratches on struts, overall super happy with them and was super exited when they showed up.

They work, man. They just work. They take all of the abuse, and are still smooth as butter on the highway.

Also, their customer service is by far the best I've ever experienced. I talked via Instagram to the owner for weeks before I bought them, and he answered any question I ever had about them. When I finally put them on, and I heard weird noises, he knew what the problem was and sent me new front springs, for FREE! (I looked up the cost... $150 worth of springs for free, just because I had issues).

That alone is worth buying them, and they haven't broken yet. I would buy these again, given the choice of stock suspension and strut top spacers, or lifting with Flatout GR Lites.

Flatout suspension first impressions.

significant difference in ride quality, especially over fast short "woops/mogul" style humps. and while i didn't catch any air, i did rip it @ 60kmh over trail that previously had bottomed out my stock shocks and bashed my head off the roof at much less speed, also, i feel like 70kmh wasn't out of the question but it was dark and again LCA'S are shot. some of those dips are in the area of 18-24 inches top to bottom and spaced about 4-5 feet apart, these never hit bottom and soaked up the hits like a sponge.

Damping adjustments are very good soft is excellent for slow and very rough trail (harsh rocks. etc) where speed would be less than 10kmh. setting +5-7 clicks seemed to be the sweet spot for ripping down the aforementioned woops/moguls. setting 10-12 clicks was good for paved road with the odd pothole. setting max i would only use for the highway.

as a side note, the lack of a front sway bar is barely, if at all noticeable at setting 12, i was ripping corners pretty hard on the drive home and body roll was greatly reduced over stock-no sway. at setting 1 on paved road and similar corners body roll was still less than stock but very much showed itself. i didn't go above 12 on that road.

All in all I'm extremely happy with these. money well spent.

So, let me start by saying, I have not driven with these yet. If I can edit this later, I will. Installed on a 2004 forester XT After looking around at options for upgraded struts, lift springs, and spacers, I decided to write the good people here at flatout. I had a response right away, and after some back and forth on questions, decided to pull the trigger on the lites, as I could not swing the cost of the gr40s. I had worried I might regret getting the "lower end" version, though I was assured I wouldn't. Well, they were right. These finally arrived today (4 week lead time) and, that box was much heavier than expected. Once I opened them, I understood why. These things are immaculate. The build quality is amazing, as the attention to detail. They are equipped with camber plates and pillow all mounts front and rear. The brackets that attack to the knuckles are probably 3x the thickness of a factory strut, and they come with some of the nicer spanner wrenches I've seen with a suspension system. My coilovers are equipped with a much heavier than standard spring, which was decided upon after some back and forth with flatout. And if they are too hard/too soft, they will swap them out once free of charge to help make sure my setup is exactly what I want. So if you were contemplating these, just order them, because you have a wait ahead of you anyway. These things are popular and the this company is busy busy making them.

From the beginning Communication is excellent. They are happy to answer all my questions and explained things perfectly Build/ delivery time 4 weeks to Australia ??? Opening the box i was imediatly impressed by the look and feel of these coilovers. High quality all round. The suspension shop had difficulties fitting with my strut top spacers but I believe it was due to them being idiots and they did a terrible job. Once I took it to a subaru specialist they were able to fit and adjust them just right.. Drive on road is superb. I went 225 front and 275 rear spring rate due to extra weight and yet I get the smoothest ride with amazing handling for a lifted car. Off road they performed awesome. From steep and deep fitted hill climbs to a bit of rally driving through the fire trails they handled everything I through at them whilst providing still such a comfortable ride. I will need to disconnect sway bars yo take full advantage of the extra travel but sonething I am still deciding on. Overall I am super happy with the service and the product and can't recommend Flatout Suspension high enough ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I’ve had the GR Lites installed on my 2011 Forester for a few weeks now. So much better ride than the stock struts! And the lift is great for the larger than stock tires I have on it. No more rubbing or rear sagging. The service at flat out was awesome as well, I explained what I wanted and I got exactly that, and in the time frame they said they could do it in. Great suspension and a great group of folks! Thanks!

I just had the GR lites installed on my 2004 forester xt. I spent a lot of time researching coilover vs new strut/spring options and it seemed like these were the best option for someone like me who is a “casual” off road/“spirited” driver and who doesn’t need a $3-4,000 set of race ready or monster travel coilovers. I’m happy to report I think my assessment was 100% correct. Just driving around town (and hopping a few curbs) the car is noticeably more responsive and stable and soaks up the rough stuff. I can’t wait to get it out on some dirt and I’ll do another review then. Flatout’s customer service was also fantastic. They were incredibly responsive and even worked directly with my builder during install. After he installed them, he even said he’s going to get some for his own SG forester!

Flatout Suspension warrants to the original purchaser that these parts manufactured and/or sold by Flatout Suspension (the product) is free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use. Flatout Suspension warrants that the product will perform substantially in accordance with the specifications set forth in the documentation provided with it. The above express warranties are made for a period of the lesser of 12,000 miles or 36 months from the date the product is installed in your vehicle.