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This is a collection of customer reviews found on product pages:

"Fantastic setup to consider. Good quality and easy to fine-adjust to setup just how you like it!" - Honda S2000 SX

"Returning customer with flatout suspension. Great customer service and helpful in many ways. had them one my track focus NC Miata and love them a lot. now I have them on my Cayman, and the 2nd generation is even better. it ride like normal stock PASM stiffness, and simply turn the dial to stiffer for track. Still tuning to find the right stiffness for my liking, but its night and day from my stock setup. can't wait to test them more on the track. Thank you Flatout...." - Porsche Cayman SR

"Overall great quality hardware, feel, and customer service. The coils were easier to put in and setup than the stock ones were to take out. When I first got them they were too low for a stock setup but was able to work with them to get lower mounts for the rear to raise it up enough so my exhaust won't scrape on everything now. At the most stiff setting they are more firm than stock and at the softest they are softer than stock which gives quite a bit of range. They have a shorter travel though so you can really feel and adjust for your driving style. Overall I'm pretty impressed, but this is my first set of coils so I can really only compare to the stock suspension. 5/5 Love it" -Mazda RX8 SR

"I was the first to buy these bad boys. I’ve gotta say I had a custom set built with spring rates of 340/225. It’s what I wanted for what I use the car for and they slayed it. I have a 4.5” pinch weld height with a 60/40 bump/rebound travel. The car stays off the bump stops in the canyons here in CO. It has made the car a blast to drive. Handles bumps just like the oem setup but then handles flat in the corners. If Flatout Suspension can keep their impeccable customer service and quality as they scale, they will be a force to recon with in the suspension universe." - Mazda Miata CS

"I just got these installed on my 2018 330i AWD wagon and they ride great. Easy install and the dampening is just what I was looking for. I drive about 25k miles a year for work on all types of roads. Before I was on lowering springs and the ride difference is night and day. I would recommend skipping the springs and going straight to these. Highly recommended!!" -BMW 330i SR

”I wanted to let everyone know that these guys are great! I bought my coilovers from the original owner YEARS ago. After installing the coilovers, the car had a clunking noise. I was talking to the original owner and didn't get any results. Just a lot of suggestions on how to troubleshoot and how can I adjust them. Now that years went by and no response, I found out the business was sold. I reached out to the current owners and explained what happened to me, the new owners hooked me up. I have the new and improved camber plates now, but haven't had time to install them yet. Thank you Flatout Suspension for going above and beyond to help me out!” - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo SR

"Great people working here!! Great products and even better customer service!! Very impressed! keep it up!!" -Volvo S40 SR

"A total upgrade for the Mini. Really refined feel on the road and very nicely adjustable to tune the ride how you want it. The whole car is sharper, turn in has improved, and even riding pretty low the ride is refined. 10/10 would buy again!" - Mini Cooper ST

"Wow. I received my suspension yesterday and I’m very impressed. First, these coilovers are BEAUTIFUL in person. You can really feel they are well built. Second, I really like that it came with instructions (with pics) on how to remove my old suspension, even though it’s easy, it’s nice that it’s included. They also included a shock dyno of my actual suspension build which was really cool to see. The box was very well packed an unboxing, it just felt like a really high end product. Kudos to you guys for coming in sooner than the deadline. I’m very impressed, thank you. Now, where do I put this sticker!?" -Subaru Impreza SR

"Flatout suspension was know more on the rally sport, and my friend suggested when I was looking for suspension for my NC Miata. I was debating between Ohlins, Fox suspension, and KWs, but I ended up giving flatout a try. result is I keep getting ask what suspension I have, cause it ride very nice and perform when needed on the corners. I do both daily driving and track on the weekend with this car, so I wanted something that give me a smile on the weekends. I know there is no best of both world, but with Flatout I was able to balance. I'm really happy with them. They make my car flatout in almost all corners, my car react much faster. The build quality is amazing, and the after sales support is great. I can't wait to hit up some more track days this year with them.... Thank you Flatout..." - Mazda Miata SR

"I bought these after they posted a YouTube video, and they were in my mailbox 2 days later. Great service and the video really helped me. Works just as shown in the video! Thanks guys." - Torrington Bearing

"I put these on my NC and they ride great. Very comfortable." - Mazda Miata SR

"Found these by chance while suspension shopping. Ordered after talking to a sales agent and very happy I did! They ride much better than that imagined. I was prepared for a harsh ride but got the complete opposite. Extremely street friendly. I’ve dialed them up for drag and they reduced rear squat tremendously." - Ford Mustang SR

"A friend recommended these so I bought them for my R53 and I am very pleased with the ride quality and build quality. Feels like a very well built suspension." - Mini Cooper SR

"These compliment the Fiesta ST perfectly. Just the right amount of firmness to balance handling and comfort. Great suspension!" - Ford Fiesta SR

"Bought these for my Focus ST and really happy with them so far. I'm going to put them on my RS when I finally can get one! Thinking about doing the higher end ST model for that car though." - Focus ST SR

"Good price, good quality, very pleased so far." - Audi A3 SR

"Put them on my MS3 and I'm really happy with them. Definitely better than the ride with my old lowering springs. Worth the money!" - Mazdaspeed3 SR

"They feel like they are made really well. The chrome shocks are too pretty to hide. Ordered custom rate springs and I'm very pleased so far." - Subaru BRZ SR

"Bought them for my E36. So far I'm very happy with them." - BMW E36 SR

"Installed on an otherwise stock 2.5RS as I'm just getting into rallycross. These seem to be very well built. I daily drive my car, so I currently have it set for OEM height and I'm kinda surprised at how nice they feel, especially going over bumps. They're very well built and really look like a high-end suspension. I've had several Subarus, and always lowered on coilovers. Based on prior purchases with other suspensions, these are leaps and bounds better than anything I bought before." - Subaru Impreza GR40

"Had them customize my suspension for drift. Got exactly what I wanted. Good work guys!" - Nissan 240SX SR

"I'm surprised there aren't more reviews, these coilovers are really nice! They're super comfortable and they look awesome." - VW Golf GTI SR

"I've had a lot of cars and I always lower them. These are probably the best coilovers I've ever bought. They look really nice and the ride is perfect. I've found my new brand!" - Dodge Charger SR

"Wow! Opened the box and was stunned with how beautiful they are. I was even more pleased with I put them on and took a drive. The ride quality is simply amazing! Firm but not stiff. They feel just right. I was honestly a little skeptical, but really glad I decided to order them." - Subaru Legacy SR

"Great product, they ride great and look amazing!" - Audi A6 SR

"I replaced my old coilovers with these and they ride 100 times better. Great quality and feel very well built." - Subaru Impreza SR SR

"Replaced by worn out OEM suspension with these and they completely transformed my car. They ride great on full soft, and handle amazingly when adjusted more firmly. Never uncomfortable and not bouncy. Very happy with the service and product. Thank you!" - Mazda Miata SR

"Bought these on sale and feel like I got a great suspension for the price. Happy with my purchase. I've had them installed for 3 months (sorry it took me a while to post a review - just wanted to let things settle in). So far they are very comfortable and have vastly improved the handling. Much better than I would've expected given the price point." - Mazda Miata SR

"Product looks great, communication with the sales team was top notch!" - Torrington Bearing

"I took a chance on these coilovers and the gamble paid off. They fit perfectly, installed easily, and they were very responsive to my tech questions. They ride great and handle nicely. You'd think I had a much more expensive suspension installed. Really happy with these so far!" - BMW 3 Series SR