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Customer Reviews

This is a collection of customer reviews found on product pages:


Read a review of the GR Lite for a Subaru WRX by automotive journalist, Josh Jacquot right here!

"I was able to test these out while driving as a Fast Safety Sweep car for Susquehanna Trail Performance Rally 2023. They held up and performed a night and day difference to my Santa Cruz's OEM suspension that I had for STPR 2022. The car according to spectators stated how composed my car looked on on the more janky stages."
-Hyundai Santa Cruz GR Plus

hyundai santa cruz lift suspension

"These struts are amazing! I love that I have the ability to adjust the rebound settings with a dampening knob and I can manually set the height of my vehicle using the adjustable sleeves! The ride quality is far superior to OEM struts and they allow me to corner with more speed and ride on rough roads or ohv trails with no problems. The customer service FLATOUT provides as a company is fantastic! They are quick and eager to assist in any way they can and will be sure to provide any information that may be relevant. The maintenance on the struts is very simple. They do require a re-greasing every now and then but it's extremely easy to do. Overall I'd give this company and this product a 10/10! Fantastic product."
-Honda Ridgeline GR Plus


"We just finished the build on our Ascent. It's the wifeys daily driver but we always struggled with ground clearance in snow. Not much for options for the Ascent until we found Flatout Suspension. We ordered the complete kit and installed it and now put roughly 200 miles on the finished build. This is the absolute best suspension for any Ascents. Were approximately 2.5" of lift to clear 255/70r18. The alignment was spot on. Cv's at a good angle. This thing rides so nice, it's almost amazing because I have installed many kits in other cars and it's a balance of race car suspension on a daily driver. Not this kit, totally super nice ride with minimal adjusting to get it. The quality of the parts is really nice and clean machining. Were super stoked and honored to run the Flatout Suspension logo on our Ascent.."
-Subaru Ascent GR Lite

"So this is a long overdue review of my outstanding GR plus suspension. I've put almost 30,000 mi on since the install. I am lifted 3 in sitting on 30-in tires and I could not be happier with the look and performance of the suspension! On and off-road!! With the increased spring rate I was able to remove my sway bars and not even notice, even when cornering on the street. The look,quality, and performance of the suspension is unmatched. As is the customer service!! You get what you pay for, and I have absolutely zero regrets! Buy once, cry once! The only thing I would do differently if I could, is go for the GR40s this time because the plan has evolved and I'm going to rally race this thing. As far as customer service goes, I've never experienced better!!! I cannot stress that enough! I reached out on a Saturday morning with some questions about an issue, and somebody got back to me the same weekend within a couple of hours. Not only answered my questions, but sent me the adjustable end links I needed free of charge. Same thing happened again another Saturday morning. Somebody got back to me before the weekend was even over, and again sent me the couplers and helper springs I needed completely free of charge. I've never had any kind of company for any reason get back to me so quickly and be so helpful and responsive. I've definitely never had a company send me what I need for free and not try to squeeze every penny out of me! You have earned my business for life!!"
-Subaru Outback GR Plus


"Put these on as part of a complete suspension upgrade for my '16 WRX. I upgraded to 300# springs for the rear to help with the extra weight from a receiver mounted bike rack and scuba gear. I couldn't be happier with how the car performs, especially in the snow. Combined with heavy duty LCA's, stiffer sway bars and off-road tires, this thing is what the boys at Subaru should have built in the first place. The "R" in WRX originally stood for Rally, right? On my car at least, it does again!"
-Subaru WRX GR Lite

"After running on lower springs for years.. this was the best suspension mod! Still sporty and firm yet compliant over bumps… even smoothed out my stage 4 clutch engagement! Can’t wait to get them on the trails. Great work guys."
-Subaru WRX GR Plus

"The full coilovers offered by Flatout are out of my budget, so when these were released I decided to go for it. The box was packed very nicely, instructions were very thorough. The shop had no issue installing them. I went with the comfort option which I think keeps the OEM rate (though I’ll switch to overload once I install a tire swing). I set the rear to 1 1/2 inches so the Bronco is sitting level. High quality parts and looks great. Now I just need some proper tires! Thanks guys!"
-Bronco Sport Level Lift Kit

"This thing is incredible. High quality parts, design, and looks are apparent from the time you open the box. The guys at my shop could not believe what was put into this compared to other lifts at this level. The customer service was TOP NOTCH throughout the process. HIGHLY recommended!!"
-Bronco Sport Level Lift Kit

"I ordered this kit and it arrived in 3 days, I honestly expected much longer. Box arrived on a Friday so I had a weekend project! Everything looks like top quality components and has a solid feel to it. Very very impressed! Thank you Flatout for including us FWD owners!"
-Ford Maverick Level Lift Kit

"I have been running the GR Plus Coilovers on my '13 wrx hatch since they were released and I am very impressed with them. Firm but comfortable, seems like the faster I go over rough backroads and train tracks, the smoother it is. I actually prefer to hit train tracks at 40+mph with these. Much less body roll around corners than the oem suspension! 11/10 would recommend."
-Subaru WRX GR Plus

"I got my gr light coilovers just around 6 months ago and I will say after getting them dialed in ,the response is everything I wanted and hoped for especially for the price they rock and driving is always a joy!! They game me the lift I needed for the larger rim size I went up to. Clearance has not been an issue!"
-Subaru Outback GR Lite

"I don't know where to start. The cornering is exponentially better. The ride is more responsive after tuning to the tire profile, annndd, I lifted a stock legacy 3 inches with 235/55r18's. No clearance issues or alignment problems at all! This is hands down the best upgrade for your car. I ordered overload rear for carrying 3 e-bikes and am pleased as punch. No saggy rear or hitch strikes yet."
-Subaru Legacy GR Lite

"This is one of the best bolt on suspension kits I've ever had the pleasure of owning. Not only are the parts top of the line but the install and setup is AWESOME. After setting up the kit the little Bronco Sport drove so much better than it did with the stock components and gave me the room I needed to fit265/65/17s with zero clearance problems, and if the kit wasn't enough the customer service provided by Flatout Suspension is equally as impressive, from answering my message at 830 Saturday night when they weren't in the shop to providing me with measurements and pictures to make sure I would get the setup right first thing Sunday morning, you won't find a better kit or customer service anywhere, how do I know, I'm a retired 67 year old race care fabricator and I've dealt with some of the biggest names in suspension and Flatout Suspension is at the top of that list!"
-Bronco Sport GR Lite

"You can tell that flatout suspension takes pride in what they do. The main shocks have a beautiful nickel plating, and then anodized parts where applicable. The springs are a nice grabber blue color. To the fun stuff…hands down night and day difference over a factory badlands suspension. The first trail ride we took it on it ate up every bump, large rocks, the road would throw at us. Cornering was perfect and smooth. Not to mention, I have a a spare tire carrier as well as a roof top tent; the suggested rear overload spring sits nice and level with all of our gear in/on the vehicle. 10/10 job flatout, I would buy again!" 
-Bronco Sport GR40

"Really bring my 2022 wrx to her origin by giving her a really good off road capability! Installation instructions were clear and the installation wasn't that hard to perform. Some adjustments were needed since it was the first Gr Plus for a 2022 wrx. But the guys were there from the start to the end! Great product and awesome staff members would recommend 10/10" 
-22 Subaru WRX GR Plus

"I have a 14 WRX that I was looking to get a bit further off the ground. I live in a very rural area and wanted something functional, not just for aesthetic. Did a lot of research, and came up with the body lift kits, spring kits with sub frame spacers, and the like. None of these things did exactly what I wanted to do. Enter Flatout. These have been installed for about 2 months or so now and so far they have done exactly what I needed them to do. They are slightly stiffer than the stock springs and struts, but not in a bad way. The build quality is excellent and the install went very smoothly. Functionally, no complaints. No complaints about Flatout Suspension's customer service either. I contacted them with a couple questions during the process and the response was in my inbox in less than 30 minutes on both occasions. If I ever need any other suspension components for my Subaru: these will be the folks I contact. Good stuff." 
-Subaru WRX GR 40

"Coming from stock suspension on my 03 Impreza RS to this was a game changer. I've had the GR 40's for about a year now and so far they have taken a beating doing 4 rallycross and one track day. The suspension is good to work with and i have it set up for a little bit taller then stock ride height. It rides good on the street and on dirt. Its stiff when it needs to be but it will take bumps in the dirt as well , if your looking for a competitive rally cross suspension id recommend them."
-Subaru Impreza GR40

"I’ve put a few thousand miles on mine now and I can say these are my favorite mod! I like the hybrid top hat and super smooth ride. I got the gr lite to improve my ride on ruined roads in my area, it was a good decision. I will go off road eventually but I’m super confident in these coilovers."
-Subaru WRX GR Lite

"I've used a bunch of brands (BC, TEIN, Megan, etc) and wanted to try something new. I was told Flatout was on the up and up with rebranding and worth looking into. These are going into a seat time car and I figured I'd finally spend money and a solid set of coilovers. Here's a quick unboxing review: Boxing: 7/10 (separate boxes F/R, nothing crazy) Spanners: 9/10 (heavy, should do the job) Accessories: 9/10 (you get a keychain with your stickers) Preload: 0/10 (Not set, but if you're spending this much you should know how to do it yourself) Damper: 10/10 (Nickle plating looks perfect/beautiful. Pressure by hand feels consistent) Knuckle Mount: 10/10 (Welds look solid. Extra bracing is cool. I notice the holes for the top bolt are oblong, probably for a reason) Collars: 10/10 (Rounded on the bottom and feel excellent. Nicest ones I've seen) Tuning Knob: 10/10 (Super satisfying to move and excellent feedback) Camber Plates: 9/10 (Looks solid. The bearing mount is very thick and nice looking. Surprised they don't also have caster adjustment but that's me being picky) One note: The description was a bit confusing because it didn't match the pictures (External Reservoirs). What you'll get if you order GC-GD is what the picture shows: inverted dampers, camber plates F/R, thick knuckle mounts with extra bracing and helper springs. No External Reservoirs. I'll commit one season to these and come back for a follow-up review." 
-Subaru WRX ClubSport

"Great lift suspension. Highly recommend if you are serious about overland, camping. Customizing your spring rates to your liking. Reps are very helpful!" 
-Toyota RAV4 GR40

"Got the GR Lite coilovers installed along with Sparco Terras on 225/55R17 Falken Wildpeaks. I have the lift dialed into about 1" on all four corners and have the damping set to 10 clicks (halfway) from full soft. Need to get an alignment but all I can say is WOW! No longer feel like I am dropping into the car, I can just slide in! Ride is amazing, not too firm but absolutely better than the soft stock setup."
-Subaru WRX GR Lite

"I work mainly on Miatas and have been through a few different coilover setups. This is the best by far. Flatout CS coilovers have unparalleled damping and ride quality. The workmanship on these coilovers is outstanding. Perfect fit and finish. The shock travel is insane which makes me excited to run these on my rally car soon. I run these with custom springrates on my track Miata and I am slowly moving the rally and daily Miata to Flatout as well." 
-Mazda Miata ClubSport (CS)

"I just installed mine, and this Honda Element coil over kit is absolutely fantastic! Gives you much longer travel, much smoother ride, especially for a lifted Element that goes offroad. The GR Lites are super well engineered, assembled with craftsmanship, and the adjustability is fantastic. Gave me about a 4 inch lift without spacers. And the adjustability is fantastic. Depending on your ride height, it will most likely need new tie rods and tie rod ends, but it’s awesome!! Highly recommended."
-Honda Element GR Lite

"I’ve had the GR Plus on my SJ for a few weeks now, and they are absolutely fantastic.They absorb just about everything I’ve hit like it wasn’t there. The faster I go, the more smooth they get. I’ve tried the king spring and spacer route, and another competing companies coilovers, and the GR Plus makes them both look like complete garbage (and, comparatively, they are). Worth every penny." 
-SJ Forester GR Plus

"I've had my Clubsports (550/300 spring rates) on our 1999 NB1 Miata for several weeks now and they are fantastic! The handling is much sharper, but the ride isn't choppy or bouncy. This is the perfect setup for the daily driven Miata that is also being used for spirited driving and autocross. I suspect this setup would also work great on the track as well and once you outgrow the Touring spec Eibach springs you can advance to a firmer spring rate relatively easily. We lowered the car 1 inch (from 14 inches to 13 inches) and haven't had issues with scraping. The Flatouts arrived well packaged and protected. The build quality, and fit and finish were excellent. Installation was a matter of following one of many online guides. Customer service has been excellent. 10/10 would recommended."
-Mazda Miata CS

"We recently installed the GR50 suspension on our 2002 WRX L4WD ARA Stage Rally Car. First, the communication and discussion with Flatout has been terrific, before AND after the purchase. The company is extremely helpful and willing to take time to make sure everything is perfect. This past weekend, we ran Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally in Wellsboro Pennsylvania. This (covid) shortened version of the iconic Rally utilized the notoriously rough Waste Management Stages for six passes. This is arguably the roughest Rally Stage in the nation. The GR50 coilovers took more abuse than any suspension should ever have to and kept coming back for more. We even sent the car over the main jump six times at speeds over 85mph. The durability of the suspension is no longer in question; these can absolutely hold up to Rally abuse. The faster stages of the rally had us pushing 105-115 on gravel and the car felt confident and balanced. I'd recommend this system to anyone looking for a quality Stage Rally system with company support beyond expectations. Well done!" 
-Subaru WRX GR50

"It took a massive amount of patience for me to wait for the right lift coilovers to hit the market for my 2020 Subaru Outback Onyx XT. I didn’t want to go the easy route with just a spacer lift like most Subarus will do. I wanted a real suspension lift with better suspension travel. I finally found these coils after 2 major companies delayed their release for my vehicle, and man am I glad I went with these! Fantastic quality, perform really well, and handle off and on road better than my stock Subaru suspension! PS: If you have a shoo install them, make sure they have done coilovers before and that they work on Subarus on a regular basis, not Jeep’s or Yotas" 
-Subaru Outback GR Lite

"Recently purchased and installed these on my 2004 STI and noticed a huge improvement in how the car handles and driving comfort immediately. The coilovers are built very well, and I love all the adjustments that can be made to them. Install was super easy and straight forward. Over all very impressed and happy with them, worth every Penny, would buy again in a heartbeat." 
-Subaru STI GR40

"So, to start out with it. Best flippin customer service ever! Very humble and positive ppl here. This suspension is the sweet spot for your ride. Rather you’re lowering or lifting your challenger this suspension is just amazing! I’ve got a lifted Challenger build that needed a better suspension, needed to be custom, then these guys at Flatout came into my life ? The install was tricky (only cause I’ve never delt with an actual good set up shocks like this) and Flatout was more than welcome to walk me through the setup step by step, not a lot of companies just talk to you step by step like that. That right there was when I decided to make Flatout my go to for all my suspension needs. Test drove the car and man, you can have it stiff like a truck, or soft like a limo ride. These babies run from street to the dirt no problem at all! With a quick click, and your suspension just got soft to hard in seconds. If you catch my drift lol. If you’re debating on pulling the trigger on these, just do it. You won’t retreat a single dime spent on these American made quality shocks." 
-Dodge Charger CS

"I just had the GR lites installed on my 2004 forester xt. I spent a lot of time researching coilover vs new strut/spring options and it seemed like these were the best option for someone like me who is a “casual” off road/“spirited” driver and who doesn’t need a $3-4,000 set of race ready or monster travel coilovers. I’m happy to report I think my assessment was 100% correct. Just driving around town (and hopping a few curbs) the car is noticeably more responsive and stable and soaks up the rough stuff. I can’t wait to get it out on some dirt and I’ll do another review then. Flatout’s customer service was also fantastic. They were incredibly responsive and even worked directly with my builder during install. After he installed them, he even said he’s going to get some for his own SG forester!" 
-Subaru Forester GR Lite

"I’ve had the GR Lites installed on my 2011 Forester for a few weeks now. So much better ride than the stock struts! And the lift is great for the larger than stock tires I have on it. No more rubbing or rear sagging. The service at flat out was awesome as well, I explained what I wanted and I got exactly that, and in the time frame they said they could do it in. Great suspension and a great group of folks! Thanks!" 
-Subaru Forester GR Lite

"Haven’t felt more excited about car parts since I don’t know when. These things are not only gorgeous and crafted to perfection, they’ve been performing beyond expectations. Huge upgrade from the OEM style strut and spring lift I had before. Feels amazing on the highway and even better flying down a dirt road. Being able to adjust them and dial everything in exactly how I want it and having the comfort that they’re also rebuildable makes Flatout the only option for me. The installation was a breeze. Everything lined up and went together perfectly. Took about 2.5 hours mostly doing it alone. And man, those external reservoirs on the rear shocks look sooo tough, haha. Highly recommend these to anyone who wants to get more out of their suspension."
-Subaru Crosstrek GR40

"I had a problem with my Outback....the OEM suspension was far too soft and squishy for my needs. Load up for a weekend and the ride became awful and the car sagged and rode like a boat down the highway. Hook up a trailer and the back end would bounce like a pogo stick over bumps.

I decided to upgrade my suspension and after much research I stumbled across Flatout. Let me say that this company truly cares about the customer. They answered all of my 100 questions. They went above and beyond in my opinion.

I recieved my order within about a month and I'm in Canada. There was some minor cosmetic damage on one top plate (scratches) but no big deal. This really is a bolt on solution. When you open the box you'll be blown away by the build quality.

The ride is where these truly shine though. I went with 225lb F and 250lb rear. It handles loads with ease, corners like a sports car yet is forgiving enough to make long rides comfortable and relaxing. Even my wife, who doesn't care about cars whatsoever, was impressed with the ride improvement.

I can't recommend Flatout suspension enough!" 
-Subaru Outback GR Lite

"I recently received and installed a Flatout coilover kit for my 3rd gen Tacoma DCLB. I have had suspension upgrades on just about every vehicle I've ever owned but this is my first coilover setup ever. I was always afraid to put them on because I didn't want a harsh ride. I am absolutely astonished by the ride quality of this setup and having adjustable dampening is a big plus. There are so many mainstream options for the Toyota Tacoma but anything with the build quality of these components would be three times the money. Why go mainstream when you can go Flatout. You won't be disappointed." 
-Toyota Tacoma Stage 2 Loaded

“Night and day difference in damping compared to the stock MCS struts, and compared to KW V1s I've been running for the past 3 years, the Flatout STs feel amazing. At 10/20 clicks on the adjusters, the Flatouts feel just as good (if not better) as the KWs with better turn in thanks to the linear rate springs, but also with the ability to go way softer or stiffer. Body motion feels really well controlled and these coilovers will undoubtedly be fantastic on the track.

Build quality looks and feels super high quality, and seem just as high quality as my old KWs. The electro-plated strut bodies should help keep them rust-free, even though I'm in California and probably don't have to worry about that. The awesome finish sure looks way nicer than a lot of black-body coilovers I've seen too.

These coilovers would be a transformative upgrade to someone looking to move on from their stock suspension. The car really does feel like a different animal with a set of GOOD suspension holding it up.” 
-Mini Cooper R56 ST

Great coilovers, took my car to a completely different level. The change in handling was incredibly drastic in an amazing way! With hard dampening it feels like a pure go kart and soft feels like a smooth ride, customer service was also amazing, any questions I have had have been answered very quickly. Couldn’t recommend enough buy these!"
-Mazda Miata CS

“264% stiffer springs at the front and 232% stiffer at the rear (2g AWD) and yet the car feels smoother over rough roads than ever before! The component quality and the matched damping curves gives you the best of all worlds when it comes to comfort, NVH, body roll, response, and chassis control in general. I never thought I'd see a DSM suspension that wasn't overly stiff just to "feel sporty" but here it finally is! I wish I could have done this upgrade 12 years ago!” 
-Mitsubishi Eclipse CS

"My 370Z looks amazing and I was surprised at how much better the ride quality is over small bumps and around turns than with the stock suspension. Very easy to install and adjust height (the hardest thing is getting the stock bolts loose). Overall the quality and value is great and I definitely recommend!" 
-370Z SR

"I started looking at these coilovers because I wanted a better stance on my 996, I liked the price, and heard a few good things about them after coming in contact with a couple of owners. I am pleased with my decision. right now my 996 is lowered about an inch and a half. I have the dampers set to the softest setting for everyday use. The ride is not at all harsh. It is firm and stable. My car is in storage right now so I never got a chance to set the damper harder but I suspect the performance will be great. I have been happy with them." 
-Porsche 996 SR

”I spent a lot of time looking at rallycross suspension for my Mini R60 and there is very little out there. In the end, I decided to give Flatout a try and have not been disappointed!

The customer service is on point, when you message them you are talking to someone who knows everything about the product!
Before ordering they talked me through the available options and made sure I got what I needed without overpaying.

The installation went as well as can be expected on a 9-year-old, New England based car. There were some small issues with fitment needing spacers and Flatout sent me those for free!

The suspension itself is well made and sturdy. Ride height is easy to adjust and the dampening knobs are in easily reachable places (which is difficult to do on the rear of the R60!) There is plenty of travel and they already made it through the bumpiest event my region runs just fine (other people lost their exhaust and ripped off steelies on the same course...)

Ride quality on the street is great, definitely better than the stock dampers I took out, which admittedly had 100k miles on them.

I can't speak to their durability yet, but I expect them to hold up well.” 
-Mini Cooper R60 GR40

“I was the first to buy these bad boys. I’ve gotta say I had a custom set built with spring rates of 340/225. It’s what I wanted for what I use the car for and they slayed it. I have a 4.5” pinch weld height with a 60/40 bump/rebound travel. The car stays off the bump stops in the canyons here in CO. It has made the car a blast to drive. Handles bumps just like the oem setup but then handles flat in the corners. If Flatout Suspension can keep their impeccable customer service and quality as they scale, they will be a force to recon with in the suspension universe.“ 
-Mazda Miata CS

“I have initially purchased the Club Sport for my 2014 C63 Coupe and yet to drive the car once the project is complete. However, i also picked up the SR for my 2018 wrx, and i am absolutely impressed with the ride quality, let alone the beautiful craftsmanship put into this product. Customer service is absolutely amazing. You will not go wrong. Seeing this product work well with my WRX, makes me excited to try the SX version soon on my C63 AMG which will be pushing some serious power soon.” 
-Subaru WRX SR

"Fantastic setup to consider. Good quality and easy to fine-adjust to setup just how you like it!" 
-Honda S2000 CS

"Returning customer with flatout suspension. Great customer service and helpful in many ways. had them on my track focused NC Miata and love them a lot. now I have them on my Cayman, and the 2nd generation is even better. it ride like normal stock PASM stiffness, and simply turn the dial to stiffer for track. Still tuning to find the right stiffness for my liking, but its night and day from my stock setup. can't wait to test them more on the track. Thank you Flatout...." 
-Porsche Cayman SR

"Overall great quality hardware, feel, and customer service. The coils were easier to put in and setup than the stock ones were to take out. When I first got them they were too low for a stock setup but was able to work with them to get lower mounts for the rear to raise it up enough so my exhaust won't scrape on everything now. At the most stiff setting they are more firm than stock and at the softest they are softer than stock which gives quite a bit of range. They have a shorter travel though so you can really feel and adjust for your driving style. Overall I'm pretty impressed, but this is my first set of coils so I can really only compare to the stock suspension. 5/5 Love it" 
-Mazda RX8 SR

"I just got these installed on my 2018 330i AWD wagon and they ride great. Easy install and the dampening is just what I was looking for. I drive about 25k miles a year for work on all types of roads. Before I was on lowering springs and the ride difference is night and day. I would recommend skipping the springs and going straight to these. Highly recommended!!" 
-BMW 330i SR

”I wanted to let everyone know that these guys are great! I bought my coilovers from the original owner YEARS ago. After installing the coilovers, the car had a clunking noise. I was talking to the original owner and didn't get any results. Just a lot of suggestions on how to troubleshoot and how can I adjust them. Now that years went by and no response, I found out the business was sold. I reached out to the current owners and explained what happened to me, the new owners hooked me up. I have the new and improved camber plates now, but haven't had time to install them yet. Thank you Flatout Suspension for going above and beyond to help me out!” 
-Mitsubishi Lancer Evo SR

"Great people working here!! Great products and even better customer service!! Very impressed! keep it up!!" 
-Volvo S40 SR

"A total upgrade for the Mini. Really refined feel on the road and very nicely adjustable to tune the ride how you want it. The whole car is sharper, turn in has improved, and even riding pretty low the ride is refined. 10/10 would buy again!" 
-Mini Cooper ST

"Wow. I received my suspension yesterday and I’m very impressed. First, these coilovers are BEAUTIFUL in person. You can really feel they are well built. Second, I really like that it came with instructions (with pics) on how to remove my old suspension, even though it’s easy, it’s nice that it’s included. They also included a shock dyno of my actual suspension build which was really cool to see. The box was very well packed an unboxing, it just felt like a really high end product. Kudos to you guys for coming in sooner than the deadline. I’m very impressed, thank you. Now, where do I put this sticker!?" 
-Subaru Impreza SR

"Flatout suspension was know more on the rally sport, and my friend suggested when I was looking for suspension for my NC Miata. I was debating between Ohlins, Fox suspension, and KWs, but I ended up giving flatout a try. result is I keep getting ask what suspension I have, cause it ride very nice and perform when needed on the corners. I do both daily driving and track on the weekend with this car, so I wanted something that give me a smile on the weekends. I know there is no best of both world, but with Flatout I was able to balance. I'm really happy with them. They make my car flatout in almost all corners, my car react much faster. The build quality is amazing, and the after sales support is great. I can't wait to hit up some more track days this year with them.... Thank you Flatout..." 
-Mazda Miata SR

"I bought these after they posted a YouTube video, and they were in my mailbox 2 days later. Great service and the video really helped me. Works just as shown in the video! Thanks guys." 
-Torrington Bearing

"I put these on my NC and they ride great. Very comfortable." 
-Mazda Miata SR

"Found these by chance while suspension shopping. Ordered after talking to a sales agent and very happy I did! They ride much better than that imagined. I was prepared for a harsh ride but got the complete opposite. Extremely street friendly. I’ve dialed them up for drag and they reduced rear squat tremendously." 
-Ford Mustang SR

"A friend recommended these so I bought them for my R53 and I am very pleased with the ride quality and build quality. Feels like a very well built suspension." 
-Mini Cooper SR

"These compliment the Fiesta ST perfectly. Just the right amount of firmness to balance handling and comfort. Great suspension!" 
-Ford Fiesta SR

"Bought these for my Focus ST and really happy with them so far. I'm going to put them on my RS when I finally can get one! Thinking about doing the higher end ST model for that car though." 
-Focus ST SR

"Good price, good quality, very pleased so far." 
-Audi A3 SR

"Put them on my MS3 and I'm really happy with them. Definitely better than the ride with my old lowering springs. Worth the money!" 
-Mazdaspeed3 SR

"They feel like they are made really well. The chrome shocks are too pretty to hide. Ordered custom rate springs and I'm very pleased so far." 
-Subaru BRZ SR

"Bought them for my E36. So far I'm very happy with them." 

"Installed on an otherwise stock 2.5RS as I'm just getting into rallycross. These seem to be very well built. I daily drive my car, so I currently have it set for OEM height and I'm kinda surprised at how nice they feel, especially going over bumps. They're very well built and really look like a high-end suspension. I've had several Subarus, and always lowered on coilovers. Based on prior purchases with other suspensions, these are leaps and bounds better than anything I bought before." 
-Subaru Impreza GR40

"Had them customize my suspension for drift. Got exactly what I wanted. Good work guys!" 
-Nissan 240SX SR

"I'm surprised there aren't more reviews, these coilovers are really nice! They're super comfortable and they look awesome." 

"I've had a lot of cars and I always lower them. These are probably the best coilovers I've ever bought. They look really nice and the ride is perfect. I've found my new brand!" 
-Dodge Charger SR

"Wow! Opened the box and was stunned with how beautiful they are. I was even more pleased with I put them on and took a drive. The ride quality is simply amazing! Firm but not stiff. They feel just right. I was honestly a little skeptical, but really glad I decided to order them." 
-Subaru Legacy SR

"Great product, they ride great and look amazing!" 
-Audi A6 SR

"I replaced my old coilovers with these and they ride 100 times better. Great quality and feel very well built." 
-Subaru Impreza SR SR

"Replaced by worn out OEM suspension with these and they completely transformed my car. They ride great on full soft, and handle amazingly when adjusted more firmly. Never uncomfortable and not bouncy. Very happy with the service and product. Thank you!" 
-Mazda Miata SR

"Bought these on sale and feel like I got a great suspension for the price. Happy with my purchase. I've had them installed for 3 months (sorry it took me a while to post a review - just wanted to let things settle in). So far they are very comfortable and have vastly improved the handling. Much better than I would've expected given the price point." 
-Mazda Miata SR

"Product looks great, communication with the sales team was top notch!" 
-Torrington Bearing

"I took a chance on these coilovers and the gamble paid off. They fit perfectly, installed easily, and they were very responsive to my tech questions. They ride great and handle nicely. You'd think I had a much more expensive suspension installed. Really happy with these so far!" 
-BMW 3 Series SR