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Flatout Suspension GR Lite Coilovers

Flatout Suspension GR Lite Coilovers
Subaru lift kit
Our Flatout Suspension GR Lite coilovers are designed to be a comfortable suspension for daily driver that wants to quickly and easily increase ride height 1-3" over stock ride height..

Key Features of the GR Lite:

  • Soft rate springs to enhance comfort
  • OEM style top mounts for quiet operation
  • Proprietary offroad valving to enhance low speed comfort
  • Electroplated shock bodies for 7-10 years of corrosion resistance
  • LPS 2.5ID linear springs
  • Bilstein linear piston
  • Rebuildable shocks
  • 1-way Rebound adjustable
  • 3 year warranty

Some reviews from customers:


"I’ve put a few thousand miles on mine now and I can say these are my favorite mod! I like the hybrid top hat and super smooth ride. I got the gr lite to improve my ride on ruined roads in my area, it was a good decision. I will go off road eventually but I’m super confident in these coilovers."

"I just installed mine, and this Honda Element coil over kit is absolutely fantastic! Gives you much longer travel, much smoother ride, especially for a lifted Element that goes offroad. The GR Lites are super well engineered, assembled with craftsmanship, and the adjustability is fantastic. Gave me about a 4 inch lift without spacers. And the adjustability is fantastic. Highly recommended."

"Purchased a set of these for my 06 turbo Baja. Man, what a difference it makes. Flatout made them so they slightly lowered the vehicle about 1.5". You can literally go 100 mph and the thing is steady as hell, then you can go off road and take the lumps with ease. Were they expensive? Yes. Are they worth it? Also yes. Beautifully designed and machined from the best materials."

"I Initially had the adf 1 1/2” spacer lift which I knew I shouldn’t have gone with as the spacer lifts tend to damage the struts, I finally but the bullet and purchased the GR Lites with the recommendation for what my intended needs were, out of the box you can see how well designed and put together they are. I couldn’t be happier. The ride is a night and day difference from stock. Being able to adjust the ride height and comfort zone is a home run! I will definitely be recommending them and will purchase another set next year for another Subaru."

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