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Subaru Impreza/ WRX Coilovers [CS]

Flatout Suspension

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Flatout Club Sport Coilovers for Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Height Adjustment Range:

Front : 0.5" to 3" lower than OEM

Rear : 0.5" to 3" lower than OEM


  • Designed for Street and Track
  • 2 Front Inverted Assemblies (08+)
    2 Front Assemblies with external reservoir (93-07)
  • 2 Rear Assemblies with external reservoir
  • Radial bearing on Front Assembly
  • Magnitude Performance Linear Rate Springs
  • Electro-Plated Nickel Shock bodies
  • Rebuildable Monotube Shock
  • CNC Machined High-flow Aluminum Piston
  • Stainless Steel Shims
  • Medium Weight Synthetic Shock Oil
  • Dual height adjustable
  • Rebound Adjustable : 20pts
  • Camber/ Pillowball upper mounts standard
  • Brackets for Sensor Lines on Lower Mounts
  • Individual Parts Available
  • 3-Year Warranty Against Defect
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Approx 3wks to hand assemble and ship


Following up on my review in Apr of 2022.

I bought these to throw on my 97 OBS. You'll want to note the car itself makes 90whp on a good day in perfection conditions. Every bushing was completely original and almost dead. I didn't do a single change to the car besides coils/wheels. With these coilovers and a set of RT660 I was faster than a significant amount of the Miata's, Corvettes, a Lotus and almost tied a Tesla. There wasn't a single WRX or STI that ran a faster lap than me. I cannot express in words how good these coilovers are on the track. The turn-in is nimble yet predictable. Minor click adjustments offer significant change in car behavior, making tuning a breeze in the pits. Next year I'll be doing a full suspension overhaul and aiming for top 10% with a 90hp OBS on these coilovers. If they continue to perform then I'll look to upgrade to the CS PRO model.

As for the street, these are solid and anyone who has ridden on coilovers would be pleasantly surprised. Low speed bumps are almost unnoticeable. High speed the car does not bounce or shake on the freeway. I will say the coils do not ride well on 0 clicks. 6-4 click above soft is perfect and actually makes the ride better.

I've used a bunch of brands (BC, TEIN, Megan, etc) and wanted to try something new. I was told Flatout was on the up and up with rebranding and worth looking into. These are going into a seat time car and I figured I'd finally spend money and a solid set of coilovers. Here's a quick unboxing review:

Boxing: 7/10 (separate boxes F/R, nothing crazy)
Spanners: 9/10 (heavy, should do the job)
Accessories: 9/10 (you get a keychain with your stickers)
Preload: 0/10 (Not set, but if you're spending this much you should know how to do it yourself)
Damper: 10/10 (Nickle plating looks perfect/beautiful. Pressure by hand feels consistent)
Knuckle Mount: 10/10 (Welds look solid. Extra bracing is cool. I notice the holes for the top bolt are oblong, probably for a reason)
Collars: 10/10 (Rounded on the bottom and feel excellent. Nicest ones I've seen)
Tuning Knob: 10/10 (Super satisfying to move and excellent feedback)
Camber Plates: 9/10 (Looks solid. The bearing mount is very thick and nice looking. Surprised they don't also have caster adjustment but that's me being picky)

One note:
The description was a bit confusing because it didn't match the pictures (External Reservoirs). What you'll get if you order GC-GD is what the picture shows: inverted dampers, camber plates F/R, thick knuckle mounts with extra bracing and helper springs. No External Reservoirs.

I'll commit one season to these and come back for a follow-up review.

Three Year Limited Warranty: Flatout Suspension warrants to the original purchaser that these parts manufactured and/or sold by Flatout Suspension (the product) is free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use. Flatout Suspension warrants that the product will perform substantially in accordance with the specifications set forth in the documentation provided with it. The above express warranties are made for a period of the lesser of 12,000 miles or 36 months from the date the product is installed in your vehicle.