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Flatout CS Coilovers

Flatout Suspension CS (Club Sport) Coilovers
Our Flatout Suspension CS Club Sport coilovers are designed to be a comfortable suspension for daily driver that moonlights as a track enthusiast that wants to lower ride height and increase handling performance.

Key Features of the CS:

  • Medium rate springs to balance comfort and handling
  • Camber plates for easy and accurate alignment
  • Inverted shocks *depending on application
  • External Reservoir *depending on application
  • Electroplated shock bodies for 7-10 years of corrosion resistance
  • Eibach 2.5ID linear springs
  • Bilstein digressive piston
  • Rebuildable shocks
  • 1-way Rebound adjustable
  • 3 year warranty

Some reviews from customers:

"I didn't do a single change to the car besides coils/wheels. With these coilovers and a set of RT660 I was faster than a significant amount of the Miata's, Corvettes, a Lotus and almost tied a Tesla. There wasn't a single WRX or STI that ran a faster lap than me. I cannot express in words how good these coilovers are on the track. The turn-in is nimble yet predictable. Minor click adjustments offer significant change in car behavior, making tuning a breeze in the pits."

"I work mainly on Miatas and have been through a few different coilover setups. This is the best by far. Flatout CS coilovers have unparalleled damping and ride quality. The workmanship on these coilovers is outstanding. Perfect fit and finish. The shock travel is insane which makes me excited to run these on my rally car soon. I run these with custom springrates on my track Miata and I am slowly moving the rally and daily Miata to Flatout as well."

"I've had my Clubsports (550/300 spring rates) on our 1999 NB1 Miata for several weeks now and they are fantastic! The handling is much sharper, but the ride isn't choppy or bouncy. This is the perfect setup for the daily driven Miata that is also being used for spirited driving and autocross. We lowered the car 1 inch (from 14 inches to 13 inches) and haven't had issues with scraping. The Flatouts arrived well packaged and protected. The build quality, and fit and finish were excellent. Installation was a matter of following one of many online guides. Customer service has been excellent. 10/10 would recommended."

"264% stiffer springs at the front and 232% stiffer at the rear (2gb AWD) and yet the car feels smoother over rough roads than ever before! The component quality and the matched damping curves gives you the best of all worlds when it comes to comfort, NVH, body roll, response, and chassis control in general. I never thought I'd see a DSM suspension that wasn't overly stiff just to "feel sporty" but here it finally is! I wish I could have done this upgrade 12 years ago!"


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