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Flatout Suspension GR Plus Coilovers

Flatout Suspension GR Plus Coilovers
Our Flatout Suspension GR Plus coilovers are designed to be a comfortable suspension for daily driver that wants to quickly and easily increase ride height 1-3" over stock ride height. The inverted shock gives you rally strength at a reasonable price.

Key Features of the GR Plus:

  • Soft rate springs to enhance comfort
  • OEM style top mounts for quiet operation
  • Proprietary offroad valving to enhance low speed comfort
  • Electroplated shock bodies for 7-10 years of corrosion resistance
  • LPS 2.5ID linear springs
  • Bilstein linear piston
  • Inverted front shocks
  • Rebuildable shocks
  • 1-way Rebound adjustable
  • 3 year warranty

Some reviews from customers:

 "Really brings my 2022 wrx to her origin by giving her a really good off road capability! Installation instructions were clear and the installation wasn't that hard to perform. Some adjustments were needed since it was the first Gr Plus for a 2022 wrx. But the guys were there from the start to the end! Great product and awesome staff members would recommend 10/10"

"They arrived with no problems, excellent quality, very easy to install, and the must important thing, they are working great. The car feel way better now with the GR - plus than before, on the high way and off road. I had a 1.5 inch spacer from ADF. I really like the fact that i can change from soft to hard the coilover depending in what i need in the moment with a very easy access to the valves. This is a must have for every forester lover that use the car for daily as well as for a weekend off road."

"These coil covers deliver a solid ride that can eat the off-road bumps with the flexibility of 0” to 3” of lift. This is definitely an off-road improvement for the Ridgeline in comparison to its stock suspension. On Road, it has comparable performance and feel to stock when the adjustable suspension is set to medium. After making the proper adjustments, the suspension performs as advertised."

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2022 ARA Overall Winner (LN4)