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Flatout GR50 Coilovers

Our Flatout Suspension GR50-PRO is the pinnacle of our rally suspension variants. Most notable features are the huge 62mm body (same diameter as a soda can) with a 50mm insert. The PRO model also features reservoirs on front and rear and high-speed and low-speed compression damping are independently controlled.

Due to the complexity and option of this suspension, we do not offer an off-the-shelf version. You can choose your rates F/R, travel F/R, and spherical bearing top plates or camber plates. These are only offered for select models. Please use the contact form below if you are interested in purchasing.

rally suspension



Rally suspension

external shock reservoir

camber plate

Pricing for the GR50-PRO starting at $7880

Current Applications:

* Rear shock will use the GR40 Rear