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LPS Progressive Rate Springs

Landrum (LPS)

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What Are Progressive Coil Over Springs?

Progressive springs provide a varying spring rate throughout their range of travel. The initial spring rate is low but progressively increases as the spring is compressed. The springs are commonly used in circle track racing applications to help control body roll when cornering.

How Do Progressive Rate Coil Over Springs Work?

Progressive rate coil over springs are produced with varying coil spacing. At one end of the spring the coils are narrow spaced and as the coils progress to the other end of the spring the spacing becomes wider.

When the spring is minimally compressed all coils of the spring are active and a lower spring rate is in effect. As the spring is further compressed, such as when a car takes a set as it enters a corner, the narrow-spaced coils collapse on top of each other until they touch, which is also known as “going solid”. When this happens the number of active coils of the spring is reduced, which results in a higher spring rate.

  • 2% Rate Tolerance
  • Variable rate springs
  • Includes spring dyno sheet
  • No loss in free length (no settling)
  • Lightweight high travel springs
  • Conventional coilover spring replacement
  • Greatly reduces coil bind
  • 2.5" end to end
  • Priced individually
  • Made in the USA