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Comfort vs Overload Springs

Comfort vs Overload Springs

Apr 6th 2024

Should you get our comfort spring rates or our overload spring rates?

rear overload springs
Look at that saggy rear!

This is a question we get asked a lot, so let's dive in and figure out if you need comfort or overload springs on your vehicle.

Comfort is pretty much self explanatory. We try to keep rates within a 5% margin of the OEM spring rates on your car. This means that cargo capacity and towing rates stay the same. Comfort rates are more than capable of handling a roof top tent (as the weight on the roof distributes to all 4 corners), 200-300lbs of cargo in the back (if you pack heavier stuff behind the seats, and lighter towards the rear bumper). At roughly 300lbs on a comfort spring, you'll see about 0.5-0.75" of sag, which is completely normal. Cargo is not a permanent fixture in your car, so don't try to account for that. If you sag 1/2-3/4" with your gear and you need the height you've lost because of rough terrain - you have adjustable height suspension! Adjust the perch upwards and you'll have a nice plush ride and get your ground clearance back.

Overload is rarely needed. There is one common instance where you need it...a rear tire carrier. It's not the only occasion, but it is the most common. The other one that I'd say is 50/50 is towing. This is usually an instance where we go into the custom rate vs and overload, because that weight isn't always there, and you don't account for the weight of the trailer. In this instance, it's tongue weight. Most trailers being pulled by the vehicles we typically lift are in the 400lb range. That weight is split on two corners, so 200lbs is weight that’s handled by each rear shock. You don't want to increase spring rates by 200 as that's not entirely how it works - at least, it's not that simple. So to reiterate, unless you have added a rear tire carrier on your hitch, you are probably fine with the comfort spring rate option.

Rear overload springs
This vehicle is equipped with GR Lites + Rear Overload - no more sag!

One thing we do is offer custom rates - some will tell us what they want, others will tell us why they think comfort isn't enough. Typically, we will split the difference between an overload and comfort to get the best of both without committing to one option and it's drawbacks. If you’re not sure, ask.

This could be reduced to a flow chart... "Do you have a a hitch mounted basket or a rear tire carrier?" > NO > comfort  or YES > overload.