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Which top mount is right for you?

We offer a few different top mount styles for our suspensions, camber plates are generally standard (on cars that allow for them) and figured we should go over the different options we have...

Camber Plate:
This one is pretty obvious. It combines a spherical bearing (or pillowball as you may know it), attached to an aluminum top plate with slots that allow you to change the angle of the strut assembly.

Spherical Bearing:
This is like a camber plate, however it is usually found on cars with a-arm suspensions (Miata for instance). Is it a fixed position and connects the suspension directly to the chassis and allows for a greater degree of flex.

OEM Hybrid:
This is designed to be as close to an OEM mount as possible. Inside the mount is a radial bearing which allows the suspension to rotate with no resistance. It has a rubber bushing tying the strut/ shock to the chassis which greatly reduces any noise or vibration.

Offset Spherical Bearing:
This one is available exclusively for our Subaru lift suspensions (GR series). It is exactly like the spherical bearing upper mount, however the center point has been offset to give you -0.5* of camber at 2" of lift. It's primarily to give you a proper alignment with no weak spots that a camber plate could give due to the slotted area allowing multiple positions.

Here's some examples of each option:

Camber Plate

Spherical Bearing

OEM Hybrid mount

Offset Spherical mount

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