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Which Flatout GR Lift is right for you?

Which Flatout GR Lift is right for you?

Apr 6th 2024

We get asked quite a bit by customers on which of our GR models (GR Lite, GR Plus, and GR40) is right for them. The all lift the same amount, and offer increased off-road capability. As everyone's situation is a bit different and usually a combination of budget and actual use; we've broken the versions down to help you figure out which one is probably the one for you...

GR Lite:

This version is based on our daily driver/ street suspension (the Flatout SR) and primarily focuses on daily drivers that just want some increased height and ground clearance. At a price point of $1795, it gives you 4 complete assemblies that simply replace your OEM shock and spring assemblies. Just like OEM, they use 4 upright shocks; but unlike OEM, the shocks are rebuildable. Unlike other spring and shock combinations, you can fine-tune the exact rate you need based on weight. With a price point just a few hundred dollars over our competitors, you gain height and shock damping adjustability. While the shock and spring our competitors offer is more affordable, you give up a lot at that price; if their overload spring isn't enough to offset your roof top tent, swing out tire carrier and 400lbs of cargo isn't enough - well, you're stuck. Not with our GR Lite. We have access to spring rates all the way up to 1600lbs (not that you'll ever need anything that high).

Our typical GR Lite customer:

  • Wants increased ride height
  • Uses the car for daily driving
  • Drives to campsites on the weekend
  • Needs a comfortable ride on rough surfaces
  • Wants to offset a saggy butt from gear
  • Wants a simple but all inclusive lift suspension

Subaru Outback lift suspension

GR Plus:

Our GR Plus offers everything the GR Lite offers, but it gains lateral strength thanks to the front inverted shock assemblies borrowed from our top tier GR40 suspension. Not only do inverted shocks offer lateral strength due to being inverted (the shock rod you typically see behind the dust boot is INSIDE the threaded body as the shock is literally upside down) but because the guts of the shock are now above the hub, the heat from the brakes no longer has an effect on the oil inside of the shock. This keeps a shock performing at peak performance for much longer than a typical shock configuration.

*On vehicles that use a front and rear strut design (SF/SG Forester, for instance) there is no GR Plus option as inverting the struts front and rear would give you a GR40 suspension. This set up is for a multi-link rear suspension design (SH Forester or BMW X5, for example).

Our typical GR Plus customer:

  • Needs more strength for more extreme off-road
  • Drives fast off-road
  • Wants rally strength without the rally price

Subaru XV Crosstrek lift suspension


The GR40 is the ultimate testament to strength and endurance; they survived at the NORRA1000 in Baja and Tanner Foust crossed the finish line in a GR40 equipped VW ID.4 with the same exact suspension you can buy. Available in two configurations; our motorsport version optimized for 1-1.5" lift and the off-road version optimized for 2-3" of lift. The motorsport/ rallycross version has a lower lift because 1" over OEM height is typically the best for keeping the center of gravity down during high speed maneuvers. If you want to go absolutely nuts in an off-road environment, the GR40 Offroad is the one you want. Just like the GR Lite and GR Plus, we offer a wide array of spring rates to offset added weight and can accommodate different configurations and builds.

Our typical GR40 customer:

  • Wants brute strength for off-road use
  • Everywhere is a road
  • Competes in off-road motorsport (rallycross version)
  • Gets the car off the ground
  • Does not hold back
  • Drives their car like a rental with the added insurance

Rally suspension

*Due to assembly length, some of our GR suspensions require minor assembly (usually installing the spring and top mount to the front assembly).