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Rebuild Service

Rebuild Service

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Price is PER SHOCK

Our rebuild service includes:

  • Disassembly and inspection of coilovers
  • Touch-up to scratches/ polish 
  • Rebuild coilovers to original specifications
  • Replacement of seized external components
  • Service pillowballs (if equipped)
  • Replacement of worn jetting assembly components
  • Replacement of worn O-rings and shims
  • Refill with Amsoil Sythetic Shock Oil
  • Shock-Dyno to verify performance

Shipping charge at checkout is for the return to you upon completion. 

If you have the ORIGINAL (black/ green, 57mm body) Flatout coilovers and we cannot rebuild them, we will offer to replace them with our current product at a discount.

PRICE IS PER SHOCK : make sure your quantity in your cart is equal to the number of assemblies you are sending for service. For example, if your front drivers side shock is blown, quantity 1. If you are sending ALL of your shocks for service, quantity of 4.