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Ford F-150 Lift Suspension
Ford F-150 Lift Suspension

Ford F-150 Lift Suspension

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Ford F-150 Leveling and Lift suspension

These aren't just your average "google search results" shocks you can just buy anywhere. First and foremost these shocks; unlike others, offer adjustable damping so you can tune the shocks to match changing conditions. Firm them up for carrying loads, soften them for fast off-road driving. Next our shock bodies are fully electroplated to fight off any corrosion and ensure they last a very long time. To back up our long term claim, we offer a 3 year warranty on our shocks.

Stage 1 Kit includes:

  • Front height adjustable coilover shock (2)
  • Rear shock (2)
  • Optional External Reservoirs

Stage 2 Features:

  • Nickel Plated Shock Bodies
  • 0-3” Front Lift/ Leveling Coilovers
  • Rear Shocks accommodate 0-3” lift
  • Rear 2" Lift Blocks
  • 20 Points of Shock Damping Adjustment
  • 2-Weeks to Assemble
  • 3-Year Warranty

Stage 2 Kit includes:

  • Front height adjustable coilover shock  (2)
  • Rear shock (2)
  • Rear lift block (2)
  • Rear U-bolt (4)
  • Optional External Reservoirs

Optional Loaded (fully assembled with new springs/ tops) or Unloaded (add your own springs/ tops and assemble).