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Subaru XV Crosstrek [GR40R]
Subaru XV Crosstrek [GR40R]

Subaru XV Crosstrek [GR40R]

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Subaru Crosstrek Offroad Lift Suspension

This version is meant for heavy-duty offroad and crawling. Perfectly suited for street and daily driving, but optimized for offroad adventures. Optimal ride height is 2" over OEM height. This version uses longer springs without helper springs and the main springs can be customized to suit the additional weight from gear, metal bumpers, spare tire racks, roof racks, etc. You will need to run subframe spacers to ensure proper rear alignment. These will come with a hybrid style OEM mount, but you can choose to run your true OEM mounts (additional parts needed), or camber plates and spherical bearings.

 Top Mounts:

OEM Hybrid: Not available.
Camber Plate: Allows you to adjust camber up to 3*
Spherical: A heavy duty version of our OEM hybrid with more strength and flex. 


  • Designed for Heavy Duty Offroad
  • Optimized for lifting 2" over OEM ride height
  • 2 Front Inverted Assemblies w/ reservoirs
  • 2 Rear Inverted Assemblies w/ reservoirs
  • Subframe spacers included 
  • 40mm Inverted Shock Insert
  • Radial bearing on Front Assembly
  • Flatout Linear Rate Springs 
  • Highly Polished Electro-Plated Nickel Cartridge
  • Rebuildable Inverted Shock
  • CNC Machined High-flow Aluminum Piston
  • Stainless Steel Shims
  • Light Weight Synthetic Shock Oil
  • Rebound Adjustable : 20 pts
  • Brackets for Sensor Lines on shock body
  • Individual Parts Available
  • Approx 3wks to hand assemble and ship