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Porsche 993 Coilovers [ST]
Porsche 993 Coilovers [ST]

Porsche 993 Coilovers [ST]

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Our Flatout Suspension ST Coilovers are our entry-level coilovers that are anything but basic. Our ST has every feature you need and no shortcuts. Whether you just daily drive or enjoy a weekend track event; these are the coilovers for you!
  • Electroplated shock body
  • Inverted front shock
  • Hypercoils springs
  • Customizable spring rates
  • Torrington/ Thrust bearing
  • MCU Bumpstops
  • Monotube shock assembly
  • 46mm CNC aluminum piston
  • 20-way shock damping adjustment (soft to firm)
  • Camber plates/ pillowball standard
  • Brackets for OEM lines and sensors
  • 36 month warranty