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Flatout Suspension GR50/ GR50 PRO Coilovers

Flatout Suspension GR50/ GR50 PRO Coilovers
Our Flatout Suspension GR50/ GR50 PRO is a true rally motorsport suspension. Designed to run between stock height and +1", these have the travel you need and the brute strength you require.

Key Features of the GR50/ GR50 PRO:

  • Gravel rated spring rates
  • Spherical bearing top mounts 
  • Proprietary rally valving to enhance grip
  • Electroplated shock bodies for 7-10 years of corrosion resistance
  • Eibach 70mm linear springs
  • Bilstein linear piston
  • Inverted shocks
  • 3-way External reservoir rear shocks *GR PRO
  • 50mm insert
  • 62mm body
  • Triple gusset bracing on hub bracket
  • Rebuildable shocks
  • 1-way Rebound adjustable
  • 3 year warranty


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