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Flatout Suspension ST Coilovers 

Our ST series is the ideal coilover option for daily drivers that aspire to keep comfort while adding a faster responding suspension for backroads and occasional autocross competitions.

The ST series features a electro-plated mono-tube shock which makes rebuilds much easier as the entire assembly is completely modular. If you ever want to upgrade the suspension to a higher spec, it's as easy as breaking down the shock and using new components available through us. We can do the upgrade, or we can send you the parts if you are the do-it-yourself type.

Our shock body features a 52x1.5mm thread pitch which is extremely common in the suspension industry. Inside the shock is a chromoly piston rod that houses our proprietary piston, stainless steel shims, and medium weight synthetic shock oil. Further down the assembly is an aluminum floating piston that separates the nitrogen and shock oil. The final touch to the suspension is a sand-blasted, nickel plated shock casing that will give you 5+ years of corrosion resistance.

On the outside of the assembly is a Magnitude Performance linear coil spring. We use the optimal rate and length to allow for the most range of adjustment without sacrificing any available stroke. Some applications (BMW 3 series, typically European and multi-link) use a special spring with an open end on top or bottom. Due to this, we are limited on the rates we can offer as we have them made in bulk.

Finally, the coilovers come with a camber plates as standard. On a-arm suspensions, you will get a pillowball upper mount. Multi-link rear will generally have you transfer your OEM rear upper shock mount. In some extreme cases, you will transfer both your front and rear top mounts (5th/6th Gen Camaro, for instance).

We include everything you will need, some by request; such as rear knob extensions. Some applications benefit from an adjustable front end-link for the sway bar (some require new front and rear links (Porsche 996 C4, for example) so we generally include those or we relocated the upper bracket to accommodate.

On models that use a struts (Subaru) your ST Coilovers will have inverted assemblies, on models with A-Arm, you will get a standard upright shock with reservoir. For example, a Honda S2000 will have a standard upright front assembly and a standard upright rear assembly with external reservoirs. A 2005 WRX STI will have ineverted assemblies front and rear.

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