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Why buy from Flatout vs another brand?

Hello! I'm glad to see you've found your way here to us and are interested in learning more about Flatout Suspension.

We started with a foundation different from other brands, and even other companies. Instead of thinking "how can we make these cheaper?" our focus was (and still is) "How can we make these better?"

I wish we could say, everything is perfect, everyone is happy; but that's impossible. Every week or so, we take customer feedback and go through suggestions, complaints, etc. It's not always product related; some are ways to streamline the checkout process, or ways to reach other people.

I think what set us apart is constantly striving to do better. Striving to focus on you and your experience. You see, buying a suspension is more than just looking at the dollar amount and clicking "checkout." Sure, there are options cheaper than us, but at what expense?

If you decide to buy coilovers that are $895 instead of ours, what are you getting besides $895 coilovers? Well, a buying experience, and after-sale experience I think are nearly as important as a product. If you saved $1000, but you only got a one year warranty...on the day 16 days after your warranty expires, how will they take care of you? Sure, there's a limit to a grace period, but it takes flexibility on both sides. Do you think the $895 people are going to treat you the same as the $1600 people? Is the overall experience the same at McDonalds vs In & Out?

I've personally been in the car scene since the mid-90s, so I've seen the evolution of our "tuner" scene from the ground floor. I saw the $895 brand hit the scene and the few brands shortly after, and so on. The one thing I've's really the same thing since that first day. No sort of product progress has been made. Sure, there have been some updates here and there, but comparatively speaking, we released a suspension for a new application that was awesome right out of the gate. Everyone raved about it, and we sold way more than we thought we would. That was maybe a year ago. Since then, we've found ways to make it even better. If it's something universal from a production stand-point, we  apply that evolution across the board to all of our products.

I could tell you all about how great our product is, but our customers are already doing that, and you're more likely to listen to what they think than what we think.


 When you are trying to decide how and where to spend your money, find a company that's never satisfied. Buy from someone that is always thinking "how can we make this better?"

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