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Price shopping isn't always the best, and here's why...

When you're shopping for car parts, we're always looking for a good deal but if you are just looking at price tags, you're doing a great disservice to yourself. I don't necessarily mean the $279 eBay coilovers...that's a whole different ballgame and you already know what you're getting when you're spending 1/4 of the price of typical coilovers. (Hint: 1/4 of the quality, and that's being generous)

The $800-$1300 coilover segment is pretty flooded. so you have to really narrow it down and look beyond the price tag. Is it worth the $78 extra to get a 3 year warranty instead of just 1 year? Frankly, yeah. If it's day 366 and your warranty expired and you just blew a shock, it's going to cost you more than $78 to replace it. If you only keep your car for a year, maybe it's ok then. When you compare, look at more than the price tag:

  1. Do they offer a warranty? How long is the warranty?
  2. Do they offer a shock dyno to prove you are getting quality?
  3. Are camber plates and spherical bearings extra?
  4. Can they be rebuilt? Whats the cost/ turn-around time?
  5. If you need to get ahold of someone, is it easy?
  6. Are you provided with instructions or tech support?
  7. How readily available are replacement/ service parts?

It's understandable that you're on a budget, 99% of us are, but if one more paycheck gets you so much should definitely give it some serious consideration.


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