Current lead time is 8-10 weeks

Where are our suspensions made?

This question comes to us a lot, so let’s break it down. Some states require all components be made in the same location to be “made in the USA” and as we source parts from all over the world, that phrase can’t legally be used. It’s complicated and I’m not a lawyer, so “built/ assembled in the USA” is the proper/ safe way to say it.

As we get parts from all over, let’s dive in..

  • Top plate assemblies, Japan
  • Bump stops, USA supplier
  • Dust boots, unknown (bought from a supplier)
  • Piston Rod, Japan
  • Piston, USA (Bilstein, COB or Linear)
  • Metering rod, Japan
  • Valve jet, Japan
  • Valving shims, Sweden
  • Threaded bodies, manufactured
  • Inverted insert, manufactured
  • Blue rings/ perches, Japan
  • Lower mounts, manufactured
  • Springs, USA 
  • Shock oil, USA
  • Various nuts/ bolts/ studs, USA supplier
  • Nickel plating, USA
  • Assembly grease, UK

One thing we do to go the extra mile in our process is to dyno test the shocks AND SPRINGS, a report you’ll get with your purchase.

Using various parts from all over the world, final assembly takes place here in the USA.


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