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We have become the go-to lift option, but how? Why?

How we have surged to the top of the leaderboard in terms of lifts go is no accident. We had our sights set on one goal, "Build a high quality suspension with customer modifications." What that means is, your exact needs might not be the same as the next person, or the person after them. Building a suspension for a basically showroom fresh car is easy. Now, a company that offers suspensions for near showroom stock cars might not have the ability to adjust their suspension for added weight, such as swing out tire carriers, or roof top tents plus 200lbs of camping gear; but we do! That's just one aspect that sets us apart.

Our most popular applications for our GR Lite suspension right now are 15-19 Subaru Outbacks, SH and SJ Foresters, and Crosstreks. That being said, we have worked over-time to ensure we can meet specific demands of individual customers. Some people just want to lift their daily driver 1" with some room to grow, and others have gone all out modifying their cars. We have a wide selection of spring rates and have a good idea on what will work for your specific needs.

Word of mouth spread very quickly that we were lifting cars left and right, making crazy full blown rally suspensions for cars that you'd never imagine (Toyota Prius, Suzuki SX4, Jaguar X-Type, etc.). Every time we do something crazy, another door opens and we're introduced to another world of people lifting their cars that we never knew existed.

As you may know, our biggest leap happened when Tanner Foust ran a brand new VW ID.4 in the NORRA 1000 race in Baja. The car and our suspension made the entire 1000 mile grueling journey completely in tact. After that, the VW owners came forward and started lifting their VWs. We've done VW Golfs, VW Tiguans, and soon we'll have pictures of a lifted VW Atlas!

The next big test was presented to us by Six Star Motorsports in Schaumburg, IL. They were already purchasing a few suspensions from us for customers, but they came to us with a fun project and we couldn't pass it up. They we're building a bugeye WRX to compete on the Discovery+ show called Getaway Driver featuring Michelle Rodriguez of 'Fast & Furious'. I can't tell you how the car did, but the follow up video (see our YouTube channel) had Dewey from 6 Star singing high praise about his GR40 suspension. The episode, Ep8, airs on September 5th.

So, why and how did we grow so fast in the lifting world? Quality and a willingness to lift every single car out there, no matter how crazy it sounds (did I mention the Toyota Prius...two of them in fact). 

We're about to take over in the Toyota world, buckle up!

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