Current lead time is approximately 5-6 weeks

Flatout's 2022 Ford Bronco Sport : Overland Build

In may of 2022 we acquired a 2022 Ford Bronco Sport OBX with the intent to just develop a lift suspension of these vehicles. We very quickly fell in love with it and have decided to do a full overland build to it.

BEFORE the lift:

bronco sport lift kit

AFTER the lift: (1.5" over stock height - the baseline)

bronco sport lift

We are building three different suspension options for the BS based on our GR line up. The GR Lite; which is our entry-level lift options, the GR Plus; which is our mid-level using our rally based front shocks, and the GR40; which uses our rally based inverted front shocks and rear shocks with external reservoirs.

Our Bronco Sport is going to get our mid-level GR Plus as it's a true median between the three options. We plan to lift the Bronco Sport 1.5" and as we move forward we will develop a subframe spacer kit to re-align the rear geometry. Right now, we offer a camber adjustable arm and the kits include toe arm spacers.

Beyond the lift, we are adding a roof basket atop the OEM roof rack cross bars.

We have swapped the OEM 18" wheels for 17" Method Race Wheels 701 and wrap them with Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail tires in a size 245/65/17.

Bronco sport lift kit

bronco sport lift kit

bronco sport lift kit

We will be adding some underbody protection with a skid plate and a bit of rugged looks with a light bar from Rally Innovations. Tubular side steps and ditch lights will follow.

Stay tuned for more pictures and updates as our build progresses!!


  • Plan on grabbing for my Bronco Sport Badlands, can’t wait to add them to my overland build.

  • Sounds like it’s gonna be an awesome build! I can’t wait to see. I have the same exact model and color bronco sport.


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