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  • 2022 Honda Passport is Ready for Stage Rally Competition

    A team of Honda engineers is taking the rugged new Honda Passport rally racing. Honda unveiled its 2022 Passport stage rally truck specially built ...
  • "Soft" and "Hard" on the adjustment knob...

    These shocks will not change the stiffness of the ride - they are designed to match 1:1 with the spring rates. 3 clicks clockwise = 225lb spring, and 9 clicks = 250lb, 18 clicks for 350lb, etc. (these are arbitrary numbers for example sake). Tire weights, wheel weights, etc WILL change the way the suspension feels, regardless of the spring.
  • Our 2011 WRX is for sale!!

    2011 Subaru WRX Hatchback*all the usual stuff in the premium pkg.113,000 MilesDGM (dark gray metallic)New shortblock installed Jan ‘22 (less than 1...
  • Flatout's 2022 Ford Bronco Sport : Overland Build

    Follow along as we take a stock 2022 Ford Bronco Sport to a full overland build.
  • Inverted Shocks and what you should know..

    Inverted shocks require a basic routine service! Don't let that scare you, but we just want to be clear about it. Inverted shocks differ from a sta...
  • Where are our suspensions made?

    This question comes to us a lot, so let’s break it down. Some states require all components be made in the same location to be “made in the USA” an...
  • Which GR version is right for you?

    We offer three variations of our lift suspensions from budget friendly to all-out. Use this guide to help decide with one is right for you beyond the price tag.
  • Which top mount is right for you?

    We offer several top mounts for our suspensions, but choosing the right one might not be so easy.
  • How to set up your GR Lite Suspension

    The day has come to lift your car! The first thing you need to do is set your baseline height. Before you do anything get your car on level ground...
  • Flatout's 2011 Subaru WRX : Rallycross Build Project

    Follow along as we take a 2011 Subaru WRX and turn it into a Rallycross competitor!   The day we bought it: (Jan 2021)       Current ...
  • How to rebuild your monotube shocks

    Full step by step disassembly of monotube coilover shocks. Learn how to take your coilovers apart, how to release nitrogen, and how to break down your coilover shock.
  • How to maintain your coilovers

    How to care for your suspension.